TPT!Music playlists are curated and persistently updated by a professional team of music experts, tailored for different audiences and events. Date and time controls ensures that the right music is playing at all times, whilst the audio limiter provides for ideal and consistent volume. PROMOtainment has a tailored music solution for your business: ranging from offline music collections, streaming and InStore radio, to inclusion of custom song libraries and a wide selection of royalty free music - depending on your location, technical requirements, and budget. We provide updates online, or via CD, or DVD. Manage a large premises? We can ensure that your outlet is zoned with unique presets that set the proper tone across your business.


  • ! Professionally curated playlists from passionate music experts
  • ! Extensive selection of royalty free music
  • ! Tailored solutions for your business needs
  • !Offline Music libraries
  • !Digital online streaming
  • !Bespoke In-store Radio
Our foundational, fully functional product
Direct distribution of individual content.
Bespoke audio advertisements
Accessible control via tablet
Instantly share content from your device
Energising customers, motivating teams
Professional presentation tool
Consultation tailored for your business