PT!Manager guarantees direct distribution of individual advertising content to your outlets. With the ability to pre-plan multiple ad packages, your campaigns are released in the right place, and at the right time - even if you're away for a few days. Individual advertising packages are available for your outlets, and customisable for entire regions. Save time and reduce stress! The accessible user interface provides you with constant feedback on system health and the currently deployed advertising package.


  • ! Direct distribution of individual advertising content
  • ! Control over your advertising packages, for individual outlets or entire regions
  • ! View your system health, and detail on your active advertising package
  • ! Schedule your campaigns months in advance
Our foundational, fully functional product
Direct distribution of individual content.
Bespoke audio advertisements
Accessible control via tablet
Instantly share content from your device
Energising customers, motivating teams
Professional presentation tool
Consultation tailored for your business