PT!Jingle informs your customers about your offers, products, and events. You choose when, and how often you keep your customers up to date with your campaigns. Not already utilising this opportunity? We follow your briefs, and design creative advertising announcements, utilising cost effective production from professional voice artists, or targeted well-known voices from film and TV aligned to your campaigns. Enhance the experience visually on your screens, allowing for simultaneous display of product and video content.


  • ! Production of audible promotion
  • ! Inform your customers about your products, offers, and events
  • ! Cost effective production from professional voice artists or targeted well known voices aligned to your campaign
  • ! Simultaneous audible and visual advertisement, seamlessly integrated into the shopping experience
  • ! Easy to define and adjust campaign frequency
Our foundational, fully functional product
Direct distribution of individual content.
Bespoke audio advertisements
Accessible control via tablet
Instantly share content from your device
Energising customers, motivating teams
Professional presentation tool
Consultation tailored for your business