PT!Center combines our applications and custom add-ons into an intuitive and touchscreen friendly interface, directly enhanced through feedback and input from our customers. Need unique features? We support bespoke requirements, or offer an easy to adapt solution for your creative process. PT!Center can be controlled from any workstation in your place of business, or remotely from your central offices - with appropriate security measures that ensure brand safe controls. Eliminate unnecessary hardware costs with the ability to install on provisioned hardware or external storage medium.


  • ! Intuitive music player
  • ! Visual media player
  • ! Advertisement integration
  • ! Instantly deployed sound samples and announcements at the touch of a button
  • ! Scheduled control of all functions
Our foundational, fully functional product
Direct distribution of individual content.
Bespoke audio advertisements
Accessible control via tablet
Instantly share content from your device
Energising customers, motivating teams
Professional presentation tool
Consultation tailored for your business