Legal certainty mit PROMOtainment

Long-term license agreements with the collecting societies entitle the PROMOtainment Multimedia GmbH to the legal distribution and updating (CD or on-line) of hard disks with music tracks stored on them as well as the provision of streaming services for the purpose of public service. This fact, in line with our long experience, enables your company to legally use the music you want, and in the process, saves time, money, and hassle!

General Public Use of Music

Music is an essential part of daily life. In the case of music that is subject to "AKM" (royalty fees), the copyrights and rights of performance are managed by collecting societies. Public broadcast is chargeable and a separate contract with AKM (GEMA in Germany) is necessary.

Music services such as Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer is only available for personal consumptionAs with MP3 piracy and YouTube, using these programs as background music in businesses is illegal and can result in music broadcast bans, fines and even imprisonment.

MP3 Music

The storage of music in digitized form (in MP3 format) is a copying process regulated by copyright. If the reproduction is used for public broadcast of the music (for example as background music in companies), the collecting societies have a legal entitlement to a fee. This claim is constantly charged as a copy surcharge to AKM and exists even if a self-purchased CD is used as the recording source. In addition, when purchasing an MP3 music database from a licensed provider, one-off starter pack fees to the amount of € 375.00 are currently to be paid as compensation for copyrights.


Unlike playing music from a local disk (such as a hard disk), streaming caches songs only for a short time. Since this is not a legal duplication, both the starter kit charges and the AKM (royalty) copy surcharge are omitted. The remaning charges of LSG and Austro Mechana are based on administration locations and / or area.